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After more than a decade of capturing beautiful stories I have decided to close the photography chapter in my business and change directions into homes and building design. Not an easy choice, but with my youngest off to school I decided to finish up on a high and finished up Dec 2022.

The new world of construction, architecture and design is something I have always been interested in so it’s been on my mind for a few years and the timing was right. It’s a world filled with beautiful aspects, chasing the light, wonderful people and gorgeous spaces so it is a wonderful new path I am loving so far and brings a lot of photography skills into it! I also enjoy working with all the details and codes – a little different from the freedom of a creative field – but also a fun challenge I am up for!

I am SO very thankful to everyone who allowed me a glimpse into your lives. I will forever hold this season close to my heart and am so honoured and amazed at the stunning earth we live in and the people in it – we have so much to be thankful for all seasons xx

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All the best! Maddie xxx