My commercial work over the last decade has included brand work for schools, daycare centres, small business owners, the arts, not-for-profits and individuals.  With my unique skills for creativity and making you feel relaxed – combined with my background in marketing and advertising, I love to work with you to create an image collection that suits your brand or product. Feel free to drop me a line to discuss your needs and ideas! Maddie

Welcoming Arden [family photography]

If you’re a photographer who loves to capture the essence of a family, their home, their fun, their joy together, then most likely you’re a storyteller at heart. And it’s storytelling that brings you the most satisfaction in what you do.  Most of the time, you capture just a glimpse into a families world, an hour or two, but when you’re lucky and you love what you do and your clients love you, you may be privileged enough to capture several chapters in their lives over the years.

Even though I’m shooting limited sessions right now (still enjoying my sweet bebe!) most of my bookings are returning clients, many who’ve had darling additions to their family.  This cute little crew has had several sessions over the last four years and it’s an honour to capture the arrival of their little girl Arden as she completes their family. Love!

The Seasons Change [keep smiling]

It’s that time of year…all the graduations… so many happening in primary school, highschool and beyond.  These girls have enjoyed many years together as friends at school and are graduating from Year 6. It’s a big change, you’re leaving behind childhood and starting on the road to becoming an adult.  You could say it will no doubt be a little like a rollercoaster – full of a few lows and some awesome highs.  One of their mums decided to treat them to a little “friendventure” to celebrate the end of an era – a trip to the showground and a photographer to capture it all!  It was loads of fun (for them and me!). What a gorgeous memory to treasure for the years to come. Life is full of sweet, you just have to chase it x

HELLO red [a creative project]

Twenty three cute redheaded children, of varying ages, in a forest, in the spring. HELLOred.  Most of them didn’t know each other, but they were champions and many had an instant bond. They say that there are only 2% of redheads in the world, making them super unique. But yet here together, in the midst of this fact, there was beautiful diversity – strawberry blondes, reds, auburns, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, freckles, fair skin, tans, curls, waves and straight locks.  It was wonderful to see!  Apparently in Scotland and Ireland the population is over 10% redhead –  and on the morning we did the shoot, as the kids played in the morning light, we heard the sound of bagpipes and scottish tunes drifting through the forest.  By a random occurrence and a delicious surprise, the local pipe band decided to undertake a practice session not far from where we were shooting. And so the wee tunes of the isles found us even here in a distant land.  Enjoy x

Business Spotlight: Kokopod Chocolate

A fun post about small business, those I work with, to not only showcase them, but also to give a little insight into other business owners when it comes to making things happen! First up is Brigid, creator and business owner at Kokopod. Enjoy x
1. What do you love most about running your own business? I love the flexibility to fit all the important things in my life in like school events for my kids…I never have to miss anything.
2. What is your productivity hack of the month?  Write “to do” lists daily and stick to them. The drive to work helps me to map out my mornings so my day runs smoothly and my to do list helps me to action my thoughts.
3. Who is your inspiration?  My go-to for inspo is more focused on real-life people who are in small business achieving goals in the area I am working on at that moment. I’m more likely to call/ email and connect with a person I know than using the internet to find out the information. Real interactions that I can apply in real time.
4. What’s your personal favourite thing that comes from your business? My favourite product of all time is the classic macnuts – totally cannot ever get sick of those beauties!
5. A quote you love?  Nothing ever changes, if nothing ever changes!
Check out more beautiful products or buy online with Kokopod here!

Our Darling & Us [Family Portraits]

Gosh I love meeting new families.  There is something so delightful about the journey of life – welcoming little people and savouring how they add to your world as they grow!  It’s a joy to meet people for the first time and so quickly be able to see into their world and capture something they can enjoy forever.  For all the hard work it can be as a parent, nothing can match the joy of a giggle or sparkle in their eyes when you are together xx This cute little family are friends of one of my lovely long term clients and we had a wonderful morning together! Sweet bliss xx

Family Photography [What to Wear]

In the lead up to a family session, my clients and I generally chat a lot about locations, things to do and most importantly, what to wear.  When it comes to outfits, I actually don’t have any specific rules, as long as the style or colour palette works well as a whole. I do have galleries of pinterest ideas for those who need it and often have clients emailing me photos of clothes to get my thoughts which I’m more than happy to help with.  It’s great to see the effort people put into their session, to make it even more relaxing and fun.
There is one idea that I think is a fantastic tip over all the others, when choosing outfits for your family session… and that is – for mum’s outfit to be the FIRST to be chosen. Usually if mum feels great,  everyone feels great.  It’s much easier to pull in the rest of the family’s outfits around something that makes mum feel wonderful than the other way around.  It’s a tip I discovered a few years ago and has helped many a family have a fantastic family session with me.
Here’s a peek at little family adventure from not long ago with a quirky style of their own. Where the empty streets we explored, the sky art,  the graffiti and the random balloons we found in a back allyway all came together just perfectly to suit this crew and their rad vibe.   Enjoy!
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Family [brisbane family photography]

In August 2012 I photographed a gorgeous maternity session in a pretty field, where I met a beautiful couple who were expecting their first baby. The sun was shining, they were excited and within a month or so I was given the chance to photograph their new baby girl under the shade of the spring Jacaranda blooms. Since then, I’ve watched their little girl grow, with mini sessions every year or so (super sweet!) and now in 2016 an outdoor family maternity session in January, followed by a session at home with their new baby boy, just a few weeks ago –  divine!
Spending time with them highlighted just how fast young families grow and change. My personal favourite mummy quote when my kids were little was ‘the days are long but the years are short’ [Gretchin Rubin]. As I pondered my gratitude attitude back then, I appreciated the words personally from within one of those young family stories. And now as my kids have grown (my baby is five already!) when you get to watch a young family from afar it is even more obvious how quickly they change! It’s truly a privilege to share in the story of family beginnings and an honour to see my clients cherish their little ones.  I know these two little darlings will bring their parents loads of joy! Have a beautiful weekend! Maddie xx

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Welcoming Emily [birth photography]

May 2nd. The labour day long weekend. How appropriate that I should be honoured to spend the day with this gorgeous family, as mummy laboured to bring her sweet darling into the world. So perfect! xo Claire is the very talented owner and photographer of The Newborn Studio and I was delighted for her to book me as her birth photographer.  Birth is an intimate and special moment that is like no other. Birth photography is about capturing the journey, the emotion and the elation when your little one is finally in your arms.  With this baby being their last baby (and their first girl) it was something that Brad and Claire wanted to treasure.   I spent a peaceful morning with them, at Mater Mothers, surrounded by a wonderful team who cared for them.  In the early afternoon, after a beautiful hour or so of active labour, little Miss Emily Rose arrived calmly and safely – and was a bundle of cuteness! Two parents were filled with love and delight in their little girl. Enjoy!

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Mermaids by the Sea [a party]

A few years ago I threw a Princess & Brown Paper & String party for my daughter – it was so much fun!  Five years later, my daughter has now turned 8 and I’m at it again. She’s a water baby, who has dreamed all year of owning a Dream Blue mermaid tail.  She was SO excited to open it and has been swimming like a pro in it ever since! It’s amazing how fish like it is as it propels her through the water. So for her birthday gathering with school friends, we stuck with the mermaid/seaside theme. We prepped it at home and then we boxed it up and headed to the Settlement Cove Lagoon. Here’s a peek at the fun things we created.  Have a wonderful weekend! x Maddie
Invitations: designed as clam shells with a tiffany/sea blue theme and text inside a brown paper envelope Number Eight: fashioned from a garland in the shape of an 8 on the wall Cake: a sea themed cake with a ornamental mermaid on top. Blue ombre icing detail with sand at the top and bottom (made from butter and crushed biscuit).  The diamonte 8 and pearls were from Life of the Party at North Lakes. The name garland was handmade. Inside were hot pink ombre layers as a surprise! Turtle Eggs: cool mints in shot cups (with a cute turtle decoration on the side) Pearl Clams: passionfruit melting moments with pearl lollies at the front Sea Shells: chocolate shells in sand (made from crushed biscuit) Sea Cups: cheesecake bases, vanilla panacotta and blue jelly layers – Ocean Pops: white chocolate lollipops with sea themes and pearl accents Sweet Seaweed: Grapes and blueberries on skewers Driftwood: chocolate wafer sticks and rosemary and salt crackers in jars Ocean Water: water bottles with personalised labels Crunchy Coral: regular popcorn with a dash of coloured popcorn for effect Fish n’ Chips: French fry crisps with home made fish shaped crackers Jellyfish: chocolate shaped tentacles with half moon chocolate buttons Activity 1: Mermaid crowns with jewels and decorations Activity 2: Swimming with a mermaid!  Take Home Bags: Brown paper bags with a thank you note, filled with treasure treats, bubbles, stationery and small glass bottles with teeny tiny shells detailing ‘she sells sea shells by the sea shore”.
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