a little miracle

Most of us know someone who has a miracle baby. A little one who is longed for and loved far before they were even conceived.  One who had a fight on their journey into the world and where every week under their mummy’s heartbeat was a huge achievement. This little guy is one of those precious babies.  As a photographer, I often capture newborns in that first week or two after they are born.  They all seem preciously small, but this little one is the youngest I have met. A gorgeous boy who arrived a month before his due date and when we did the shoot, still had a fortnight to go before 40 weeks.  But last week, after a little stay in hospital he was able to come home with his mummy and daddy.  So he may have been a little early, but I think he just couldn’t wait to meet them in person and start living in this big wide world. Doesn’t his little grin say it all? Precious!

a boy a girl and a photo booth

Whether it’s a beautiful wedding or even another special event like a birthday or engagement, there is SO much work that goes on behind the scenes and in the lead up to the event. And when the moment finally arrives to relax and enjoy, you definitely do, but it’s all over so fast.  That’s one big reason why I love photography so much. It helps us relive all the fun (and the result of our hard work!) again and again.  This cute couple had a beautiful engagement party. The event was styled by Michelle Hulse, and the home was transformed into a glamourous scene with no detail left untouched. From the classy atmosphere and decorations, to the delicious treats like champagne, gourmet desserts and a lolly bar, there was plenty of delights to be had.  Guests enjoyed more fun with a mock photo booth too and you can see more of that here. Congratulations to you both and all the best for the wedding plans xx

the love of family

Last weekend I photographed a beautiful family at a 90th birthday lunch. This pop’s grandaughter had organised me to come along and document the story of their pop’s special celebration.  A man who has definitely seen his share of life and no doubt has many stories of his own to tell.  It was an honour to be there with them all and see how much they adore him.  While his life long sweetheart sadly may not have been there by his side anymore, I’m sure she was smiling too.   What an achievement to reach this age and still have such a great smile across his face! It was a pleasure to meet him and his family. He looks pretty good for 90 too!

the traveller and the lemonade stall

There are two things that I love to capture – firstly there are the photojournalistic moments that are your story. Just you in the life that is your world, the every days and the special days. And the other is when you like to dream and play. To imagine something a little bit out of the ordinary. A little bit quirky. This shoot is a brother and sister. Their personalities at play. Just like kids do. They laughed and imagined within a fun little scene created for them. They were adorable.


An afternoon under the looming clouds. Story time on a cosy rug. Balloons and girly giggles. This delightful family are sharing moments that will build memories for their girls to look back on in years to come.  Just beautiful.

young love

This is a couples shoot. A guy and a girl. In love. They meet. They hide their love. They reveal their love. They tell it to the world. We had a lot of fun with a few extra props created by Jordan at Polka Dot Prints. I kinda wish I’d done something like this with my hubby when we first met many years ago. But now I can capture these moments for others. Yep. I’m having fun.

newborn goodness

I am currently on maternity leave spending time with this cute little bundle for three months. I’ll be back on board after June. The rest of the year is almost booked out but please email me if you would like to double check timing for this year or early next year.  Enjoy the winter season and remember to treasure the precious parts of life every day, wherever you are.

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