a little miracle

Most of us know someone who has a miracle baby. A little one who is longed for and loved far before they were even conceived.  One who had a fight on their journey into the world and where every week under their mummy’s heartbeat was a huge achievement. This little guy is one of those precious babies.  As a photographer, I often capture newborns in that first week or two after they are born.  They all seem preciously small, but this little one is the youngest I have met. A gorgeous boy who arrived a month before his due date and when we did the shoot, still had a fortnight to go before 40 weeks.  But last week, after a little stay in hospital he was able to come home with his mummy and daddy.  So he may have been a little early, but I think he just couldn’t wait to meet them in person and start living in this big wide world. Doesn’t his little grin say it all? Precious!

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