couple portraits with a twist…

Couple shoots are so much fun – and I especially love it when we combine a photographic session with an idea that means a lot to the couple, is something that inspires them or is just plain fun. This portrait shoot was for Amy & Jeremy – a beautiful couple who are engaged to be married very soon. For their session we wanted to do something a little different – so we chose the movie ‘Chocolat’ as a starting point – not a pure imitation but just an inspiration. We combined Amy and Jeremy’s natural love story with some features from the movie – like a stone staircase, a red jacket (and red lips), intimate kisses, pretty crockery, delicious chocolates and a lot of playfulness. It was heaps of fun and I can’t wait to capture their wedding later this month!
For those who know me best, you will know I’ve always had a very quick thinking, creative brain – full of ideas… I often wondered why I had so many ideas (for everything!) and it’s only now in the last year or so that I’ve realised how perfect it is for creating unique settings and capturing memorable moments for the people I meet. So, if you’ve got your shoot booked with me and would love something a little different – but are a little stuck – email me a few thoughts on what you love or what inspires you and I will no doubt be soon sending back a list of wonderful ideas!!  Fun times ahead …


  1. These are exquisite! Especially when seen together as above. One day you’ll take my and Matt’s pictures!! Please!!

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