a bundle of new [brisbane newborn photography]

There is something wonderous about the start of a new year. It’s like a blank page that is yet to be written.. and we can dream or plan about what will be. So it was very fitting that my first shoot for 2012 was a newborn shoot – and what a yummy bundle of newness I was able to capture. Cute little Grace arrived on Christmas day much to the surprise of her parents. I always thought it was strange when someone shared a birthday with another big event, but here I realised first hand babies just make their entrance when they are good and ready to meet the world!  But what a delightful gift for her parents to enjoy on Christmas night. It was a warm and humid morning when I arrived, ideal conditions for a newborn baby to just chill out and relax. And relax she did! She was a perfect little angel and quite the model. Check out her delicious little pout and those cute chubby cheeks. Yum! Her aunt had collected some different items to celebrate her arrival and we were able to give her shoot a very girly feel, while also mixing it up with some precious moments with mum and dad. Gosh I love newborns! xx

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  1. Another beautiful, precious collection of photos from you!!! Oh mY!!! Tiny Grace… what a face! You have a great job! 😉

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