the warmth of love in the cool of winter [brisbane portrait photography]

If you ask any Brisbane wedding photographer who has been busy this year, I can almost guarantee that they’ve photographed a wedding in the rain in 2012. I’m not sure what it is with weddings and rain this year, but it’s definitely been a wet few months!  And on the wedding day of Luke and Leanne, the skies were yet again grey and gloomy with a definite coolness in the air. With an outdoor ceremony (on Leanne’s parent’s property, complete with a wedding arch made by her dad!), an alternative ceremony was not really an option.  But although the clouds remained and the mountains around us told of rain falling, we didn’t actually get a drop until the very last moments of sunset just before heading to the reception venue. It was almost as if a giant umbrella was held over the top of the property to keep us all dry. It was truly a beautiful day, full of fun and romance and I LOVED capturing their story in the cloudy, wintery weather (which gave us some beautiful hints of autumn colour!).  The happy couple spent their honeymoon in the maldives which would have been awesome (and warm!) and I can’t wait to catch up with them later this month. Congratulations again xx
Please note: I am fully booked for weddings this year and no longer booking weddings from 2013 as I focus on portrait and commercial photography (and more time with my cute family!). If you like what you see in the remaining wedding posts for the year and would love this for your portrait photography, please drop me a line and I’d love to chat x Maddie


  1. This is Luke’s grandmother(and now Leanne’s) thank you for helping make this the beautiful day that it was and wishing every success with your photography as you are truly talented. Peg

  2. Whoa you look so amazing I was so bedazzled! I wish to have that same gown and the perfect body for it too. It sure is so dreamy, wish you guys all the happiness in the world!

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