new year, new stories [brisbane portraits]

I am officially back at work now (2 days/week) and I had a fantastic break. I so loved being with my family.  Just us five mostly, non-stop for two weeks. It was simple, mostly local to Brisbane and involved lots of good old fashioned fun together. Picnics and exploring by the sea.  Catching up with friends and family we love. Lazy BBQ’s and easy dinners. Making a billycart from scratch and other fun old-school adventures.  We were just US, enjoying our life, together.
There were many times in there that I thought ‘Oh, I wish someone was capturing this!’. And while I did take many precious photos, I realised you can never really capture EVERY second, for that would be impossible. But you CAN capture some, the most beautiful parts.  And so I grew in my belief that photography for me is really a gift, helping us to cherish the good times in life.  The parts where you truly stop and say ‘I just want to stay here forever’. It also confirmed my style of capturing organic, storytelling, carefree images. Just you, in your space, with those you love.  As I look back at the 100+ sessions I did last year (thank you to all my beautiful muses!) and then think about the ones to come this year, I feel very honoured to be able to do this for you xx
So to begin this year of focus on families and people stories, I thought I’d post some images from a cute little family session I photographed recently.  Mum, Dad, and their little boy called Ransom, soon to be a big brother.  Ransom was a  little guy was full of energy and life. And obviously adored by mum and dad. He is bound to be a fun big brother.  Gorgeous.  Enjoy x Maddie

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