HELLO red [a creative project]

Twenty three cute redheaded children, of varying ages, in a forest, in the spring. HELLOred.  Most of them didn’t know each other, but they were champions and many had an instant bond. They say that there are only 2% of redheads in the world, making them super unique. But yet here together, in the midst of this fact, there was beautiful diversity – strawberry blondes, reds, auburns, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, freckles, fair skin, tans, curls, waves and straight locks.  It was wonderful to see!  Apparently in Scotland and Ireland the population is over 10% redhead –  and on the morning we did the shoot, as the kids played in the morning light, we heard the sound of bagpipes and scottish tunes drifting through the forest.  By a random occurrence and a delicious surprise, the local pipe band decided to undertake a practice session not far from where we were shooting. And so the wee tunes of the isles found us even here in a distant land.  Enjoy x

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