Business Spotlight: Kokopod Chocolate

A fun post about small business, those I work with, to not only showcase them, but also to give a little insight into other business owners when it comes to making things happen! First up is Brigid, creator and business owner at Kokopod. Enjoy x
1. What do you love most about running your own business? I love the flexibility to fit all the important things in my life in like school events for my kids…I never have to miss anything.
2. What is your productivity hack of the month?  Write “to do” lists daily and stick to them. The drive to work helps me to map out my mornings so my day runs smoothly and my to do list helps me to action my thoughts.
3. Who is your inspiration?  My go-to for inspo is more focused on real-life people who are in small business achieving goals in the area I am working on at that moment. I’m more likely to call/ email and connect with a person I know than using the internet to find out the information. Real interactions that I can apply in real time.
4. What’s your personal favourite thing that comes from your business? My favourite product of all time is the classic macnuts – totally cannot ever get sick of those beauties!
5. A quote you love?  Nothing ever changes, if nothing ever changes!
Check out more beautiful products or buy online with Kokopod here!

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