into the woods…[brisbane family portraits]

When I shoot a family portrait, I approach it like I am a ‘fly on the wall’. I want to come on an adventure with your family, where you all just ‘be you’. I want to follow you while you do something fun together. Go to the beach. climb a mountain. Visit the library. It might be a tradition you’ve done for years or it could be a new experience you want to take together. Whatever it is that tells the story of your family, that is what I want to capture for you.
For this cute family, the plan was a sunset picnic in a forest. The talented mummy, Tash of Whimsy Petite Styling created a gorgeous vintage picnic ‘look’ for her family and together they shared afternoon tea, read books and played hide and seek within the forest. It turned out to be a bit of a teddy bears picnic for the girls and they had lots of fun giggling and telling me about their little friends. It was also nice for mum and dad to have some images together too – aren’t they gorgeous?
While this shoot was more of a styled glamourous shoot, you can really take your ideas any way you want to. It can be styled like this one (Tash is available for bookings to plan and style your photo shoots), maybe something adventurous like a mountain hike or it can be even as simple as a morning spent at your place – pikelets, pillow fights and snuggles on the couch with your kids favourite books. The awesome thing about these type of ‘lifestyle’ shoots is that you don’t need to be afraid – because you can pick something that makes you feel relaxed. You can have fun and enjoy the time as this season of life is captured for you (and generations to come). I can’t wait to meet you.

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  1. Beautiful! It was such a beautiful location and Maddie you have done a really lovely job of capturing the girls personalities in this shoot! So nice to see all those little family heirlooms in the images…an ever lasting record of them 🙂 Just beautiful, so glad we made the investment, they are images to treasure! <3

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