giggles and playfulness [brisbane baby portraits]

I often get asked what the best age for baby portraits is, and while there is no ‘set’ age (it’s all cute to me!)  I do find that the two most common ages to photograph babies are newborns and about six months of age. With newborns, it’s all about the freshness of your new little bundle – so tiny and new, so wanting for cuddles and a precious life story yet to be written.  The other popular age is about six/eight months or when your baby can confidently sit up on their own. It’s when they are full of giggles and playfulness and their personality has really started to shine through. At this age they want to play and explore all the time and every new object or noise is amazing to their little minds. It’s such a joy to capture their ‘wonder’. With my own babies, this was one of my favourite stages – you’ve begun to understand your little ‘puzzle’ and life has settled to a point where you can really enjoy playing with your little person. It’s a fleeting time, and before you know it they have changed again, but this stage is truly one of life’s little blessings. I love it xx


  1. Hey Maddie

    I hope you are well! Chris and I would love to get some piccies of our precious baby girl. She has just turned 5 months and is growing so fast!! Just wandering if you can contact us with ideas and prices.

    We loved our wedding pics you took so much that we are interested in planning our baby photo shoot with you too 🙂


  2. This is absoloutley beautiful! How did you get the kids eyes like that? If it is natural than WOW! I would LOVE to have those eyes!!

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