Kids with Curls

Every few years I design a fun project shoot based on a theme that keeps coming back to me. A bunch of gorgeous kids join the fun and I create a series of images to celebrate something unique. In 2015 it was all about “The Darlings”, over 50 girls captured in three sessions with the cutest of animals: ponies, doves and kittens. In 2017 it was “HELLO red” a celebration of almost twenty redheads, so many sweet little souls and so many gorgeous shades of red, even I was surprised. And here in 2020, in a year full of twists and turns, it’s all about kids with curls. Curls that spring in all ways and have lives of their own, I’m sure. After spending just 10 minutes or so which each of them, the amazing thing was, that in the midst of their curls (which I’m sure they are known for), their eyes shone and their personalities blossomed. What an honor for me 🙂 Enjoy! xo

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